A week and a bit into the India adventure

It’s been a busy 10 days!  We spent the last 48 hours trekking about 16kms from our fieldbase out to a rice-paddy-ringed campsite near the river, getting on top of skills like how to pack your bag for trekking, camp cooking, long drop construction, casualty evacuation and remembering to drink enough water and wear sunscreen or reap the consequences… (I missed the backs of my legs. Ouch).

It was also my first experience of preparing and ‘dishing out’ gear from the logistics store to the two trekking teams.. a procedure I’ll be getting much more familiar with over the coming weeks.  Getting up to speed on all the ‘logs’ stuff has been a little crazy, but I’m holding on by my fingertips and operating on the ‘just in time’ principle!  I keep telling myself I’ll deal with my growing ‘to do / find out how that works’ list when I get a spare moment, but the spare moments can be hard to come by.

I’m just writing this while the other project managers are in a session that I’ve already done.  Probably should go and see if I can cross anything off that to do list…  We’re heading into Mysore this afternoon for some free time before dinner.  I’m planning to shop for clothes.

Don’t forget to check in on the expedition blog for more news and photos.  Thanks Mum for the blog comments – I have them printed and stuck on the board above my desk 🙂


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One thought on “A week and a bit into the India adventure

  1. Mum

    Hi there Anna,
    Dad & I are both puffing after reading about your exploits, trying to keep up with all the things you’ve just done and are trying to do re the ‘logs’!!
    Dad suggests you give your new clothes a wash in the river, to make them colourfast!!!
    At least the weather sounds good – the monsoons must have finished early!

    Have fun shopping in Mysore – no doubt there’ll be lots of bargaining!
    Lots of love,

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