Anna is adventuring in 2012.


5 thoughts on “About

  1. Danny and Tinie

    Hi Anna,
    we hope you have a wonderful time and that you are not too cold, where ever you are. Luckily the more west you go, the warmer it will get. Have fun, take care, Tinie (Christina) and Danny (John) from Holland.

  2. Joel deZ

    Hey Anna! It’s great to hear from you! All the best! 😀

  3. Marco

    Hey sorry to be a complete stranger posting here, but I am hoping to go on my own trans-siberian journey, and was lead here from your review on rusrailtravel.ru

    I want to book with them for their flexibility is great. I just want to make sure they are what they say they are, a legitimate travel agency, and that everything with the visa application and visa support will run smoothly.

    Can you vouch for them??

    • Hi Marco, thanks for stopping by. I just googled for my review on rusrailtravel – indeed, that was me! I never did get around to blogging / posting pics for the Moscow & St Peterburg legs of my Russian odyssey…

      I actually organised my trip through an Australian travel agent who helped me build my own itinerary then dealt with different Russian agents for each leg of the journey who organised my train tickets / homestays / transfers. So my visa invitation etc actually came from a different agent (in Vladivostok). Andrei from Rusrailtravel was the local agent for my Moscow & St Petersburg sectors. I had some direct email contact with him while en route and then met him in person while I was in Moscow. He was reasonably efficient and helpful with visa registration, delivery of train tickets etc. My homestays in both cities were also through him and were both excellent. He was keen for feedback and interested in whether they could do anything better (always a good sign!)

      Does that help? Do ask more questions if you have them – it’s an amazing trip but can sometimes be difficult to feel like you really have all the info you’d like in advance!

      Happy adventure planning 🙂

  4. Marco

    ok, so you think it would be ok to book a whole trip with Andrei then?? (i have had email contact with him and he already came back with some possible itineraries)

    i want to travel Vladivostok through to St. Petersburg, and then onward through to Europe.

    I am mostly concerned with getting the visa. There is one part of my trip where he wrote ‘own arrangements’ because I will stay with a friend for one small stop of my trip.

    In order to get the visa, i need visa support. I already got it from waytorussia, but my itinerary has changed and now I want to book with Andrei because of the flexibility and it would simply be easier to take care of this whole trip in one hit. My point is, is it ok to say that even though i have bookings for hotels and train tickets for the most part, i have a small part where i have my ‘own arrangements’.

    Is that going to fly with the embassy??

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