Zadar has a sea organ. How cool is that?!

The crowd hanging out at the sea organ in Zadar

Zadar is the town in Croatia where I’ve been mooching around this week.  The sea organ is a definite highlight!  I’ve spent several hours sitting on these steps, being lulled by the gently rolling sounds of the ocean pushing air through the pipes built into the steps.  Sort of like a giant set of pan pipes, but without the cringing “please no, you really can’t cover that song with pan pipes” vibe.

I took a short video to try and capture the sound, but it turns out I’m not clever enough to upload that to the blog for you without crashing the browser so you’ll either have to just imagine it, or search for it on youtube.

I’ve decided that you get the most interesting variation in the sound when the wake of passing boats hits the steps longitudinally (ie; the whole length of the wave hits the steps at once), though you still get the odd additional hearty bass note when the waves roll along the steps while perpendicular.  You see the important matters I’ve been considering…

Packing up again tonight to get up in the dark for 3 flights tomorrow (pray my bag gets to the same place I do!) ending in Toulouse, France where the next chapter of the adventure begins… french lessons!



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5 thoughts on “Zadar has a sea organ. How cool is that?!

  1. Sojourning Abroad - Justin

    That is very cool… i’ve never heard of anything like that. I bet it makes sitting by the ocean even more enjoyable. I will definitely have to check out the organ of Zadar! Croatia seems like a very cool place to spend some time!

    • Thanks for stopping by Justin! I see from your blog you are doing some serious trip planning… looks like a great adventure coming up! I absolutely recommend Croatia if you can fit it in to your itinerary 🙂

  2. Thank you, nice to wake up and see this post. I’ve spent the last half hour taking tours of Zadar courtesy of YouTube. I hadn’t even thought to do that before, good tip!
    Safe travels and looking forward to hearing from you in France.
    J xxxxx

  3. Jen

    That is ahmazing. Seriously.

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