Some photos!

At last, here are a few pictures of the indian adventure so far.  They come from where I’m living and working (fieldbase), trips to town (Mysore), and a couple of ‘loop’ trips during phase 1 when I had the privilege of driving through some spectacular indian countryside down to the southern state of Kerala to visit one of our trekking teams with ‘team loop awesome’ – a really fun few days.

We’ve just survived the first ‘changeover’, which is when all the teams come back to fieldbase, give back all their gear, get a bit of free time, have some fun, are re-allocated into new groups, then pack up all the gear again and head out for the second phase of project work.  You can read more about the comings and goings on the Raleigh blog over here.  You’ll note we’re getting on board with Movember, so expect to hear more about that soon 🙂

I’m heading out on the first phase 2 loop soon, in which we’ll visit all 4 project teams, and probably do quite a lot of digging.  Fingers crossed my laundry dries in time for me to pack!

Hope you’re all well.


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2 thoughts on “Some photos!

  1. Mum

    Fabulous photos Anna! And all that tea to be picked by hand! India really is a place of vibrant life and colour, and the elephants in the traffic???!!! Amazing!!!
    Thanks for the update,

  2. Maja


    I find your Indian experience the most fun, so different and colourful!

    Did you try to wear sari?

    Wish you continue enjoying your beautiful trip!

    Big Hug!


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